Why to choose us?

We are exceptional by our personal approach. Not only celebrities come to us, we are a clinic for ordinary people with a family atmosphere. We have all inclusive packages. We are not a factory for new bodies, but a specialized clinic with five beds, where there is enough time for premium services.

Consultation is free and without obligation

Come and see. Have a coffee, see the clinic and ask the doctor about everything that interests you. We are still online. We will help you, even if you are far from us. You can also talk to our doctors from the comfort of your own home.

Everything under one roof


All activities associated with the surgery are done in one place. We do ECG and blood tests without any worries.


During your convalescence at the clinic we serve quality and varied BIO food, whose composition is precisely adapted for the best recovery after the procedure. We also think about allergy sufferers, vegetarians and vegans.


For a comfortable rest and regeneration. During hospitalization you have a tablet with wifi or a DVD player available with movies of many genres. You won't be bored with us.


We can boast byt the best staff, backed by a large team of plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists with experience from all over the world. Our helpful staff, including client coordinators, speak two world languages.


After interventions in general and local anesthesia we arrange pick-client taxis within Prague free.


We work only with the best materials of renowned brands in the highest quality. We use only top-class implants, sewing, and top-rated medications for gentle anesthesia. Convenient postoperative compression underwear is a matter of course.


Every procedure is all inclusive. The price includes anesthesia, hospitalization in modern rooms, compression underwear, postoperative controls and a package of medicines for proper care after the procedure. After release, our doctors are available to you at any time by phone or email.


We are insured by Kooperativa, you don´t have to be worried. Our clinic has the most reliable insurance.

How does it look like here?

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Apartments in the building of the clinic.

The best rest even after the procedure. At our clinic we have modern apartments for clients from far away and for their family members. So you can be close to our doctors and medical staff even after being released from the clinic.
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What you should know about a procedure

The price of procedures is approximate. It might change after the personal consultation.
The procedure is paid in advance.
Your own preoperative tests are a big plus, the morning process at the clinic is then quicker.

Do you have a question or do you want to arrange a consultation?

It is not easy to decide to undergo a surgery.
Do you have any questions or do you need a second opinion?
Consult that with our surgeons.
Arrange a non-binding consultation for free.
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