Liposuction High Def Liposculpture

Price of procedure
High Def Liposuction
3 350€
The price of procedures is approximate. It might change after the personal consultation.
This method can reveal and highlight important muscle contours. Hi-Def liposuction is an advanced liposuction procedure, the essence of which is the removal of excess fat from selected areas, shaping other parts of the body.

Liposculpture is most often used in men for shaping the abdominal muscles or six-pack.
Newer techniques, such as Body-Jet liposuction, allow the creation of a realistic three-dimensional shape of the treated areas. This is achieved by treating the superficial and deep layers of fat along with smooth transitions for a more natural and muscular appearance. Removing these small deposits reveals natural muscle contours that were not previously visible. Because most of this fat is located next to various muscle groups, its removal helps to create greater muscle definition.

The surgery is suitable for:

The lower limit is usually considered to be 18 years of age, the upper limit is not defined, but depends on the overall health of the client and also on the condition of the skin (how it is or is not elastic). Suitable candidates are both men and women who only want to reduce fat that cannot be lost by exercising.

How is the surgery performed:

The type of anaesthesia is related to the number of aspirated areas and the complexity of the procedure. The marked areas are first filled with a tumescent solution through a fine cannula. The duration of the solution is approximately 30-40 minutes. Then the areas are being sucked. The client usually stays at the clinic until the next day.

 What to expect after surgery:

Compression underwear must be worn for 2 weeks 24 hours a day and next 2 weeks 12 hours a day. A short shower is allowed for the client 24 hours after the procedure. Sport and physical activity possible after 3 weeks. The bruises and swellings disappear 1 - 2 months after the procedure, to speed up the healing we recommend using an enzymatic treatment - Wobenzym. According to the surgeon's habits, lymphatic drainage or so-called "rolling" may be recommended over time.
Price of procedure
High Def Liposuction
3 350€
The price of procedures is approximate. It might change after the personal consultation.

What you should know about a procedure

The price of procedures is approximate. It might change after the personal consultation.
The procedure is paid in advance.
Your own preoperative tests are a big plus, the morning process at the clinic is then quicker.

What our clients say

After a child, I was left with excess on my belly. Neither diet nor exercise helped. I am one month after surgery. Dr. Baran sucked off half a litre of fat. The excess is permanently gone. The swelling is going away as well. I am excited to see the final result.

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