Bullhorn lift

The Bullhorn Lift is a very effective and elegant elevation of the upper lip where the lip’s pink portion and its volume is increased. It is a minimally invasive method thanks to the fact that it is performed using one cut just under the nostrils and under the base of the nose. A strip of skin and what is under the skin is then removed. After sewing up, the lip is elevated. The procedure is performed in analgosedation.

Who is the procedure suitable for? 

The procedure is suitable for women up to age 60.

What result can be expected?

The volume of the upper lip is increased. The result can be seen practically immediately, but we obviously have to expect a little swelling, which mostly disappears at the time the stitches are taken out.

Preparations for Procedure: 

The same as before any procedure, the client must arrive healthy. We recommend having the procedure performed at a time you are not menstruating. All food supplements, vitamins and, in particular, aspirin and Ginkgo Biloba have to be discontinued three weeks before the procedure. Using corticoids before the procedure is also not a good idea. In the case of other medicines, it is necessary to discuss everything directly with your doctor.

How does the procedure work? 

After precise measurement and marking of the area, a local anaesthetic is applied.  After the removal of the strip of skin, the bleeding is carefully stopped and the incision is sewn up in two layers. The upper layer of skin is sewn using non-absorbable material, which is removed 7-10 days after the procedure. Antibiotics are not needed.

Length of Hospitalisation: 

After the procedure in analgosedation, the client spends about four hours at the ward and then goes home. Hospitalisation is not necessary.

Post-operative care:

After the procedure, it is necessary to apply ice to the whole area. Instead of plaster, the client uses a special Swiss gel (Stratamed), for 2-3 months after the procedure. The gel helps the scar from the procedure to be less visible. Obviously, it is necessary to avoid excessive burdening and movement of the upper lip and nose (chewing, wiping nose, kissing). To accelerate healing and alleviate swelling, we recommend using Wobenzym for 2-3 months.

Before and after

Bullhorn lift
Price of procedure
Bullhorn lift
1560 EUR
The price is approximate and will be specified after a personal consultation with a doctor.

What you should know about a procedure

We pay maximum attention to the gentleness of all procedures and treatments. Your health is our highest priority. 
We use the most modern devices and procedures to guarantee high-quality professional care from the best surgeons respected in our country as well as abroad
The price is approximate and may vary based on your specific needs and the scope of the procedure. It will be specified after a personal consultation with a doctor.
Price of procedure
Bullhorn lift
1560 EUR
The price is approximate and will be specified after a personal consultation with a doctor.
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