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Chin surgery
The most frequent aesthetic surgery of the chin is a modification of a small or receding chin using a chin implant.
The chin is frequently used to estimate a person’s character. We can also encounter the belief that the chin is a specific indicator of determination. A well-defined chin is usually ascribed to wealthy and confident individuals, such as Bill Gates for instance. On the contrary, a small, receding chin may be a sign of weakness. However, the most important thing is that the entire face appears symmetrical. Before any surgery takes place it is, therefore, necessary to take not only the chin itself but also other parts of the face, into consideration. The ideal situation is considered to be when the root of the nose, the upper lip and the chin projection form one line. Deviations can be dealt with by the chin implant.
There are several types of these implants on the market, which mainly differ by the type of material used. We use one of the safest materials in the world at our clinic - MEDPOR (polyethylene material). Thanks to its porous structure it is easily stabilised and merges with the surrounding tissue, while not causing any undesirable reactions of the tissue.

Who is this surgery intended for?

We recommend this surgery to clients with an insufficient projection of the chin.

When should this surgery be performed?

We recommend that this surgery is performed after the growth of the facial bones is complete. In women, this is usually between the 16th and 17th year. In men, the bones only finish growing after 18 years. Clients must be in good medical condition before this surgery.

What result should I expect?

The result of this surgery is practically immediate. Your face will look natural thanks to the careful work of our physicians.

How does the surgery proceed? 

This surgery takes place under general anaesthesia. The appropriate implant size is chosen before the surgery, but the implant can be modified during the surgery. The usual method is to create access through the oral cavity, but we no longer use this method, because it causes many complications during the healing period. Our surgeons perform a more modern and gentle form of this procedure – through a sub-mandibular incision, which is an incision below the edge of the lower jaw, of a length of approx. 10 cm. A sort of tunnel is then created at the edge of the chin, through which the implant is inserted. There is no need to screw the implant in or attach it otherwise because it is seated firmly on the edge of the chin projection.

How long will the hospital stay be?

1 day of hospitalisation is required.

What can I expect after the surgery?

You can expect some swelling and pain in the area of the implant immediately after the procedure, which will last 2 – 3 weeks. Clients are protected by a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication and pain medication for a period of 7 – 10 days.
The recommended period of convalescence is usually three months. We do not recommend any physical activity, including sports, for a period of 3 months post-op. Thanks to the high-quality material the implant is made of, the surrounding tissue very quickly grows into the implant, thereby stabilising the implant and making it practically part of the client’s lower jaw. This means that the client does not feel any foreign item at the site of the implant. During the period throughout which the tissue grows into the implant (heals) we ask our clients to never touch or massage the implant because this could cause undesirable movement.
Price of procedure
Chin Implant
The price is approximate and will be specified after a personal consultation with a doctor.

What you should know about a procedure

We pay maximum attention to the gentleness of all procedures and treatments. Your health is our highest priority. 
We use the most modern devices and procedures to guarantee high-quality professional care from the best surgeons respected in our country as well as abroad
The price is approximate and may vary based on your specific needs and the scope of the procedure. It will be specified after a personal consultation with a doctor.
Price of procedure
Chin Implant
The price is approximate and will be specified after a personal consultation with a doctor.
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