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Here you can find a list of all the procedures we perform. We consult free of charge and without obligation. Come visit our clinic and ask our experts for anything. They will be always happy to spend time with you. You can always find an approximate price at the specific procedure.
Rhinoplasty (plastic surgery of the nose) is one of the most sensitive aesthetic procedures.
Blepharoplasty is a surgery that corrects changes in the skin caused by aging in the area of the eyelids and around the eyes.
A facial mini-lift tightens loose and sagging tissue beneath the skin.
A facelift is a type of plastic surgery aimed at counteracting the effects of aging.
Double chin liposuction has become one of the most popular procedures in recent years.
Liposuction, i.e., the removal of fat, can be defined as a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the amount of fat beneath the skin.
The most frequent aesthetic surgery of the chin is modification of a small or receding chin using a chin implant.
Augmentation or enlargement of the cheekbones using cheek implants is a fairly new trend in aesthetic surgery.
An elegant way to get rid of the sad and tired expression most frequently caused by loose skin on the forehead and upper eyelids.
We use a Mixto CO2 fractional laser to remove wrinkles, acne scars and pigment marks; the laser can be used to treat the face, tummy, hips, thighs and hands.
Lop ears are one of the most common cosmetic defects that can be easily resolved today by cosmetic surgery.
The Bullhorn Lift is a very effective and elegant elevation of the upper lip where the lip’s pink portion and its volume is increased.
The most effective way to get rid of facial wrinkles.
Regen Plasma allows the treatment of both fine and deeper wrinkles, tired skin, and bags under the eyes.
Among the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures are naturally those that help women eliminate facial wrinkles.
A simple and highly popular method for removing deep wrinkles.
This method naturally strengthens the face skin, smoothes wrinkles, restores youthful appearance and confidence in a natural way.
The most common cosmetic defects that can currently very easily be treated with a surgical procedure include protruding ears.
Do you suffer from skin marks, skin moles and tags, acne scarring or pigment spots? In this case, treatment by the Plexr device is just right for you.
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Augmentation is one of the most common types of plastic surgery, with immediate effects and minimal risks.
The most frequent solution for women is modelling (uplift) of the breasts together with augmentation, i.e. the addition of an implant.
Breast modelling is another way to return breasts to their original shape.
An effective method to reduce the size of excessively large breasts.
Auto-augmentation is a considerate method for women who want to slightly “enhance” their décolletage.
Silicon implants are thus used to achieve larger sizes, while the patient’s own fat tissue naturally hides and covers the implant.
The most effective way to get rid of so-called “man boobs”.
The aim of the reconstruction is to restore the shape of the breasts after mastectomy.
Breast modelling with the Inner Bra method, sometimes also referred to as Internal Bra, means "inner bra method". In this technique, the breast tissue is folded in the desired shape and position and then fixed with strong stitches on the chest.
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A birthmark can be defined as an accumulation of pigment cells into a single larger blemish.
Mini-abdominoplasty is an effective method for removing sagging skin and abdominal fat that seems immune to exercise or a change of diet.
Abdominoplasty is the most effective way of removing excess fat and skin in the abdominal region.
Tumescent liposuction will allow you to achieve the body you have always dreamed of.
The most effective method to get rid of skin rolls and crinkles and thereby achieve a firmer, more athletic look.
The most effective method to get rid of skin rolls and crinkles and thereby achieve a firmer, more athletic look.
A beautiful and sexy bottom thanks to buttock implants.
Augmentation of the buttocks has become a very big trend in recent years.
A procedure treating the hands with one’s own fat is also increasingly popular.
It is a great solution to boost your immune system. It gets into your body everything that the body lacks, in an amount that you will not get quickly and with high quality in a normal diet and food supplements.
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Labioplasty is a surgical procedure to correct an enlarged outer labia, which may cause women various complications in everyday life
Then Protégé INTIMA is the ideal solution for your problems – a unique device for intimate rejuvenation.
The armpits are an area where you can prevent excessive sweating with the help of Body-Jet.
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Procedure combinations

Combine several procedures into one operation and save not only finances but also your time.

Thanks to one surgical procedure you come to us just once and you undergo only one operation and recovery. Combination of procedures is faster and more effective.
The doctor will discuss with you all your troubles and will suggest possible combinations that are most suitable for you and your health.
This unique service will be appreciated by new mums who don´t feel comfortable in their own body after giving birth, longing for slimming or strengthening of problem areas.

Often combinations

Breast surgery and liposuction
Liposuction of multiple areas at once
Breast modeling and abdominal surgery
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Orthopedic procedures

Arthroscopy is a modern minimally invasive method of articular cavity examination which takes place in the operating room.
The hammer toe ranks among frequent toe deformities resulting from joints being deformed due to an imbalance between short and long muscles of the leg.
The most common symptoms include pain in your fingers and wrists sometimes extending up to your forearms, impaired sensitivity of your fingers sometimes described as numbness, tingling in your fingers, morning swelling, and finger stiffness.
Trigger finger is a condition affecting the tendons of finger flexors and their pulleys forming a sheath through which the tendons pass.
The injection contains corticosteroids, and it is used for acute pain, inflammation and swelling of the locomotory system.
Not only top athletes but also many other people of various ages suffer from pain in their knees and other locomotory system components.
We're still open. Formé clinic is a medical facility. The visit to the clinic and all procedures are in accordance with the current government measures COVID-19 valid in the Czech Republic. We will send you a confirmation letter of your doctor's visit for your smooth journey.

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